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Patriot Trailer Dealer Wisconsin

The versatility of the Patriot self unloading conveyor trailer coupled with the practicality of its long-lasting and light-weight aluminum construction lends itself to years of service life and greater payloads. The smooth aerodynamic sidewall design reduces wind drag, increases fuel economy, and makes the belt trailer easier to pull. The trailer stays clean longer, reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

Realize the Patriot's full hauling potential from season to season with such products as corn, potatoes, gluten, hay cubes, gravel, and limestone – All unloaded in just a few minutes. Year around versatility and earning power! The Patriot is standard with the best features and it has all the available options necessary to make this trailer fit the need.

The Wilson Patriot has all the right features as standard equipment. Features that are designed to make the Patriot operate efficiently, durably, economically, and safely. Check out the Features and Popular Options and realize the true value of a Wilson trailer.


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